Most homeowners take garage door for granted and will not look for professional garage door services provider until their garage door breaks completely. Although many homeowners like repairing garage door on their own, using professional garage door is safe and recommended. Just like any other part of garage door, the garage door springs wear out with time. Many garage door springs will complete ten thousand cycles before breaking (opening and closing the door makes one complete cycle). With time, the garage door springs get worn and if not repaired on time, they may break completely. One of the common signs of broken garage door springs is that the door fails to open, or slightly goes up and stops. However, some garage door models may also open even though the springs are broken but they also tend to be slow. Because garage door springs are very important, it is good to know reasons why garage door springs break.

Garage door springs break slowly and they take time to completely break. Springs will only break when they allowed to fatigue for a longtime. Having your garage door springs regularly checked by a professional will help to determine when the springs require repair or replacement. If you hire professional garage door services provider to inspect the springs at least twice a year, you are likely to know when the springs are about to break. This allows you to repair the springs before they get broken completely. Thus, regular inspection will save you from incurring heavy garage door spring replacement. Some of the reasons why garage door break include;

Wear and tear

Wear and tear is the major cause of broken garage door. Many homeowners install, repair or replace garage door springs on their own. Poorly installed springs wear faster. To prolong the lifespan of the garage door springs, it is very important to look for a reputable garage door services provider to install, repair and replacement.


Another reason why garage door springs break is due to rust. If rusts develop on the spring, the lifespan of the springs will be shortened immensely.

Poor installation

Another major reasons garage door springs break is poor garage installation. For the garage door springs to function properly, the two springs should be installed on each side of the door. Unfortunately, some homeowners may choose to install one spring. This is common when installing light garage door. Garage door springs will always function well when the two springs are installed on each side. Single garage door springs will immensely shorten the lifespan of your garage door and spring breakage is almost guaranteed.

Improper maintenance

Proper garage door maintenance will prolong the lifespan of the springs. For example, the moving parts should be lubricated regularly. It is also very important to have your garage door inspected regularly by a reputable garage door services provider. For example, garage spring replacement Elpaso offers full package of garage door spring repair services. Whether you want to install new garage door, or you are looking for a broken garage door spring repair and replacement, always ensure you hire reputable company.